*Accept the Pilates challenge.  Sculpt your body so you can feel increased agility in your everyday movements. 

*Enliven your core, release tight joints and chisel your muscles. Feel  freedom in your hips, spine, neck and shoulders. 

*Learn to activate your deep core  in each movement while developing  tone, flexibility and the self-confidence that comes from feeling strong and centered.

*Learn correct muscle activation as well as create optimal alignment.

*Facilitate optimal functioning of organs & acquire breath control.

*Use Pilates balls, rings, blocks and straps to promote noteworthy  toning and strengthening.


Off Site Class

Off Site Placerville Classes at Power House Gym  & Gold Lotus Studio 

Summer Bonus

Intro to Zumba 3:30 Wednesdays

Complimentary for all

Newcomers Welcome!

Wonderful opportunity to learn a bit of innovative dance choreography.