Teacher Biography



Bachelor Arts- Liberal Studies - Certified Teacher  k-Junior College
History Add On Certification
Masters Degree English




 Yoga Alliance 200 hour Certification
Yoga Flow - SCW Fitness Certification 



 Pilates with Apparatus - SCW Fitness Certification 

AFFA PIYO Pilates / Yoga Training




Zumba Basics

Zumba World Rhythms: 

Brazil, Africa, Jamaica, India

Group Fitness/Tai Chi


Group Fitness Certifiation SCW Fitness

Tai Chi Specialitzation SCW Fitness

Travel Abroad


European Travel with students: England, Ireland, Scotland, Whales, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece (& Greek Islands)

World Travel: Israel, Tahiti , Turkey

American Travel: 48 States


Mary Aloi



I enjoyed my early years as a multiple subject educator. My passion for teaching led her me teach  at the elementary,  junior high & collegiate level. My husband and I brought  200 students abroad over a 15 year period and enjoyed the bonding that unfolded during each and every trip.

My path as a fitness teacher has been inspired by a wide gamut of teachers. My Olympic Training Center cross country coaches, and my San Francisco Bay Area yoga training gurus - Sheri Baptiste, Founder of Baptiste Power of Yoga, and Erin Fleming, student of Paul Grilley and Erich Schiffmann.  

These gurus in addition to local leaders including Joyce Kilburg and Patty Catwell inspired me to venture forth on my wellness teaching  journey.


Both Mary , her husband Mike & their beloved Shi Tzu enjoy a simple life in the Sierras. They both enjoy music, travel & outdoor activities.

Lee Chiusano


Lee Chiusano Qi Gong Journey

 I became interested in Qi Gong about 15 years ago. I taught myself from a book. My "practice" is a combination of Qi Gong, Yoga, Native American and Tao ritual. I use intention and flow to create my soul dance. Qi is the life force of the universe. I move Qi through my vessel or body, by being focused and balanced with breath and movement. My Qi Gong "practice" is a moving meditation. Normally a session is burn time of a stick of incense (45 minutes). I can only share my experiences with you. Hopefully, you will create your own soul dance.

It is said: "somethings are easier said than done. Qi Gong is easier done than said." It is not the effort, but the awareness and resonance that determine the results.

See you Wednesday!

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