Gratitudes/ Refelections


Vickie Phelan -College Prep School Teacher

"Good Friends are Like Stars. You Don't always see them, but you know they're there." (Old Saying)

Dear Mary, I cant believe Ilived in Pollock Pines almost 23 years and it took me almost 21 years to find a friend as lovely as you. The timing,howeve, was right and I was finally able to put me before everyone else and I thank you for being there my friend.

I have loved every minute of yoga, Zumba, Pilates, movie night and running-we covered a lot of ground literally & figuratively.  Thank you for your constant positive energy and support in my life-you could always sense my state of mind and you served as a calming force especially when my life was in a state of flux...a constant stream of change. Some days Zumba or yoga was my grounding force & you were at the center of both.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Paula Rodgers- Resourse Junior High Teacher



Mary Just a quick note to say thank you for your class yesterday.  I felt relaxed and comfortable being with women who are near my level of fitness.  Your ability to close your eyes and indirectly guide us though the movements promoted an atmosphere of calm relaxation.  I never thought about closing my eyes as I worked-out…. It helped me to internalize my movements and stay focused.  At the end, when you played the “Monk Chant” and moved about with incense, I fell into a nice rhythmic breathing pattern.  Then you topped it off with your inspirational message.  It actually brought tears to my eyes.  I’m so glad I found you - Sign me up!  

Darby Patterson -Author/Artist


I totally appreciate your passion and focus and execution of those two traits ... along with your ability and willingness to bring people together. You are a force for good in our tiny community. You are so thoughtful and such an asset to the women whose lives you enhance in our segment of this beautiful environment. Thank you! Darby Patterson

Summer 2018 Gratitudes


Tree House Gratitudes

Denise who brings her abundance of positive energy to Zumba & Pilates.

Trish & Kent: Your sends of skiing adventure, matching people with perfect homes and joining us for yoga & PIYO

Debbie H-dedication to Zumba & PIYO and sharing her fabulous apples

Rory-whose choreography continues to bring fun& laughter

Vickie H- overcoming some health issues & is on the rebound

Roxanne- Hosting wine tasting & providing us with  scrumptious munchies

Carolyn for her calming disposition & spiritual groundedness

Marsha Soul Sundays and bringing her grand kids to yoga & lake for our weekly kayak/swim

George   Your spiritual groundedness & wisdom

Bob- Your positive energy, adventuresome spirit -hiking/biking New Zealand, and your greatly appreciated kindheartedness

Lee - Sharing your passion & wisdom teaching us Qi Gong

Carol  Your inner light which continues to shine forth in spite of the storms with family health

Lisa   Positive energy & Cardio Funk classes

Debbie Going above & beyond caring for pets in our community and joining us for Zumba

Jane Extraordinary facials & massages and joining us for yoga/PIYO & lake kayaking

Vickie P Nursing your husband back to health after a traumatic accident and still fining time for yoga & lake running together.

Nancy & Mike for sharing your boats for all our lake socials and thegreatly appreciated movie/game nights

Deb A being a true die hard hitting 2-3 classes weekly

Keli -working diligently creating inspirational lessons for youth in our community yet still creating time for Zumba

Phyllis -dedication to yoga even after long days of speech therapy

Linda  healthy, upbeat personality, passion for Zumba ,amazing artwork and lake swim/paddleboarding

Idalia - Your genuine love for Zumba &the high priority you place on family.

Stacy -Your willingness to drive from Pleasant Valley for Yoga & Pilates classes &your love for the enjoying nature via snowshoeing.

All of you yoginis & Zumbinis & Pilates gals  for your heart-warming smiles that ignite dynamic energy