San Jose Del Cabo

Enjoy a Vacation Getaway


The Baja Allure

 San José del Cabo in Baja California Sur was named the top city for vacation traveller’s by Trip Advisor in 2017. We think they were asleep at the switch for the previous century.

Explore: the surfing, the restaurants, the art galleries, the beaches, the culture, the snorkeling, the yoga, the hiking, the waterfalls, the scuba, the hot springs, the East Cape, the mangos, the fishing, the golf courses, the perfect weather, the sailing, the amazing people, the mysticism of the desert, the peacefulness of the estuary, the fish tacos, the organic markets, the paddle-boarding, the sun-tanning, the birding, the exploring, the whale-watching, the tacos de canasta, the sunrises, the countless stars, the late nights, the beach workouts, the freedom, the kite-surfing, the ATV’s, the pools, the sky-diving, the nightly nightlife, the adult entertainment, the meditating, the healthcare, the Pacific sunsets, the friendships, the beach-bars, the cold Pacifico’s, the bonfires, late nights, the beach walks, the ceviche, the breweries, the marinas, the fitness classes, the real estate, the tamales, the shopping, the …

Pollock Pines Host!


We love our Lomas de La Jolla condo and know that you will too. We have taken great care to make sure it has everything you need for a memorable stay in San José del Cabo, our home away from home!

Denise Barbus
Host of Cabo Casita Bonita