Yoga/Qi Gong


*Awaken your body, strengthen your core, stretch your soul and let your inner goddess shine! 

*Discover and unleash your creative energy. 

*Explore movements designed to help you build balance, stamina & self-awareness for body, mind and soul.  

*Make wellness your priority by beginning your day in a positive, healthy, spirit filled way.  

*Conquer stress & anxiety, release tension & experience deep  relaxation.

*Experience higher levels of strength, endurance,  coordination and flexibility while simultaneously releasing unwanted stress & tension.

*Create body awareness, connect with your inner self as well as establish  amazing posture, balance, perception and concentration. 

*Allow yoga to help you create a bridge between body and mind. 

*Join us today for friendly, fun, innovative classes.


*Off Site Vinyasa Flow Class offered at Power House Gym Tuesdays 5:30